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Saturday, January 27th, 2018
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This catalog is meant merely as a guide. The auctioneers do not warrant the accuracy, genuineness, authenticity, description, weight, count or measure of any of the lots specified herein. This catalog may contain minor errors, changes, additions and deletions.

LotPictureDescription (Firearms Lots 1- 35)Estimate
1 Rossi "Overland" Hammer Coach shotgun in 20g. 3". The barrels measure 20" marked M & F with extractors and double triggers. The stock has a round pistol grip and beavertail forearm, both are smooth. Appears to be in excellent condition. #3409 200 - 300
2 Navy Arms Model 73 Carbine in 44/40. This is a reproduction of the Winchester M73. The barrel measures 19" with open sights and full length magazine. The straight grip walnut stock ends with a metal buttplate with cleaning rod reservoir. In excellent condition. #00954 400 - 600
3 Taurus Model C45 in 45 Colt. This is a reproduction of the Colt Lightning slide action rifle. The round barrel measures 26" with long tube magazine and open sights. The wooden straight stock ends in a crescent buttplate. The forearm has cut checkering. This rifle is made in Brazil and appears as new. ZE5288 300 - 500
4 Antonio Zoli Springfield Percussion Black Powder Muzzle Loader in 58c. The barrel measures 32" with open sights. The barrel is blued and the hardware is brass. The gun was sold through Dixie Gun Works Tenn. Metal is excellent, wood shows a few nicks. #16375 250 - 350
5 Traditions Black Powder Flintlock "Deer Hunter" in 50c. The heavy octagon barrel measures 24" with adjustable open sights. This black powder muzzle loader is made in Spain. Appears as new. NSN 300 - 400
6 Belgian unmarked percussion single shot pistol. The round screw off barrel measures 1-5/8", the overall length is 6-1/8". The frame has floral engraving with Belgian proof marks. The grip is fully checkered with folding trigger which is concealed until cocked. A quality small percussion pistol. In very good condition. Sold as antique. Cannot be shipped outside the U.S. without independent exporter. 400 - 500
7 Late 18th century Flintlock pistol marked I.C. Bonni on lock and Erlanc 1793 on top of barrel. The barrel measures 10" with horn tipped ram rod. The hardware is brass. A stock attachment slot is recessed in back of grip. The wood is European walnut with floral carving. Overall excellent condition. Cannot be shipped outside the U.S. without independent exporter. 800 - 1,200
8 Traditions Black Powder Percussion Muzzle Loader in 50c. The octagon barrel measures 28" with adjustable buck horn sights. The barrel is blued with brass hardware. Other than a scratch above the middle ram rod holder, the gun is in excellent condition. 300 - 400
9 Percussion "1776 Bicentennial" 224 of 500 marked Mowrey Olney, Texas in 50c. The octagon barrel measures 32" with open sight. The receiver, crescent buttplate, and trigger guard are solid brass. The wood is well figured with what appears to be an oil finish. 300 - 500
10 Unmarked Kentucky Half Stock Percussion Muzzle Loader in 35c. The octagon barrel measures 39" with open sight and double set triggers. The hardware is brass and the stock is grain painted with cheek piece. A very handsome Kentucky rifle. 500 - 700
11 R. Falta Weimar Hammer Combination Gun 16x 118/35 with German proof marks. The barrels measure 26"h with open sights, dolls head top lock, and bright bores. The hammer locks have full game scene engraving with scroll engraved hammers. The straight stock is figured walnut ending in a skeleton buttplate and long tang trigger guard. The splinter forearm has a nick about 2" behind the push button release. Top tang screw missing under the opening lever. Overall in very good plus condition. #NSN 500 - 800
12 Paul J. Fedorys Custom Underhammer Muzzle Loading Rifle in 45cal. This rifle has a 32" octagon barrel with fixed open sights. The stock had a brass patch box and brass crescent buttplate. The musket appears unfired. #NO12 1976 250 - 350
13 Ranger "Precision Grade" 16g. Side by Side. Belgian proofed barrels measuring 28" with extractors and single trigger. The walnut stock has a pistol grip with cap and ends in a rubber pad marked Ranger with 14" L.O.P. The slender forearm is checkered. The case color shows little wear with very good barrel bluing and bright bores. The stock shows some varnish wear. #159085 300 - 500
14 Ithaca Fieldgrade 12g. Side by Side. The barrels measure 28" with M & F chokes, extractors, and double triggers. The walnut stock has a pistol grip with cap and ends in a solid Ithaca buttplate. The stock has been pinned behind the receiver. The splinter forearm has a repaired split. Overall good condition. #F382826 250 - 350
15 Winchester M12 "Heavy Duck Gun" in 12g. 3". The round barrel measures 30" and marked "For Super Speed & Super X 3in". The plain walnut stock ends in a solid Winchester Pad with an L.O.P. of 13-3/4" which is correct for the Heavy Duck. The forearm is grooved with a flat bottom. The gun shows some in use wear but would rate very good overall condition. #1505353 500 - 600
16 Winchester M97 Standard Grade Take down in 12g. The plain barrel measures 30" and marked full. The plain walnut stock has a semi-pistol grip and ends with a recoil pad. L.O.P. 13". The forearm is grooved. The metal appears reblued, overall very good condition. #456100 300 - 400
17 Ted Williams Model 21 Pump in 20g 2-3/4" & 3". The vent rib barrel measures 27" with adjustable choke. The stock has a pistol grip and rubber recoil pad to L.O.P. 14". The forearm is checkered with diamond cut finials to ends of checkering. Overall very good condition. #583-2078 150 - 200
18 Browning A5 "Light Twelve" made in Belgium. The matte rib barrel measures 27-1/2" with two star choke. The stock has a round knob pistol grip and solid Browning FN buttplate. The forearm is checkered and fluted. The receiver had scroll engraving and gold plated trigger. The overall condition of the metal is very good plus with some flaking to the stock finish. #1G36628 400 - 500
19 Early Browning A5 made in Belgium in 12g. The plain barrel measures 29-1/2" and marked Full. The stock has a round knob pistol grip with a solid FN buttplate. The forearm is fluted and the safety is a slide action in the front of the trigger guard. This gun has been used but still is in good condition. #142282 300 - 400
20 Browning A5 "Sweet Sixteen" made in Belgium. The round plain barrel measures 27-1/2" with two star choke. The stock has a round knob pistol grip ending in a solid Browning FN butt plate. The forearm is checkered and fluted. The gun is in overall very good condition with some in use handling wear. #75920 400 - 600
21 LeFever Nitro Special Side by Side in 12g. The barrels measure 28" with a wide rib, extractors, and double triggers. The receiver is case colored with flying duck engraving. The checkered stock has a 14" L.O.P., a round pistol grip ending in a solid butt plate and slender forearm. In overall very good plus condition. #168879 300 - 500
22 Savage M745 Autoloader in 12g. The round barrel measures 27-1/2" and marked MOD. The receiver is a light weight alloy with bird motif. The checkered walnut stock has a pistol grip and solid buttplate. The forearm is checked with a grooved finger grip. In overall very good plus condition. #127755 200 - 300
23 Stevens "Favorite" Single Shot Rifle in 22c. The half round, half octagon barrel measures 22" with fair bore and some pitting. The stock has a 1-1/2" split at the end of the bottom tang. The solid buttplate reads "Stevens Favorite" with chip at bottom. #72115 150 - 250
24 Savage Model 99-F "Featherweight Rifle" in 300 Savage. The slender barrel measures 22" with adjustable open sights. The stock has a pistol grip with cap. The stock ends in a metal buttplate. Overall very good plus condition showing very little use. Comes with a BSA Classic 4x scope. #758726 600 - 800
25 Savage Model 25 Lightweight "Walking Varminter" in 204 Ruger. The medium contour barrel measures 22" with Savage Accutrigger. The stock has cut checkering with pistol grip and solid rubber pad. Comes with BSA Mil Dot 6-24x scope. This rifle shows only slight handling wear. Excellent overall condition. G772295 500 - 600
26 CZ M550 Bolt Action Rifle in 270c. The barrel measures 21-1/2" with open sights and Weaver 4x scope. This rifle has a full Mannlicher stock with cut checkering, cheek piece, and rubber recoil pad. The trigger is adjustable and comes with sling swivels. This model CZ is made in the Czech Republic. Shows very little handling wear. #A061812 500 - 600
27 U.S. Model 1917 Eddystone Sporter in 30c. The barrel measures 23" without sights. The stock has a pistol grip and cheek piece ending in a steel buttplate. The dark wood forearm cap is chipped on both sides. The bore is fair to good. #472352 200 - 300
28 Winchester M1895 "Russian Contract Rifle" in 7.62mm. This model was sold to the Russian government between 1915 and 1916. This model had fitted clip guides on the top of the receiver. The barrel measures 27-1/2"h, with adjustable open sights. The straight stock ends in a metal buttplate with cleaning rod reservoir. The rifle is in overall good condition. #366540 400 - 500
29 British SMLE No5 Mark I Bolt Action "Jungle Carbine" in 303c. The barrel measures 20-1/2" with flash reducer, shorter forearm, and hand guard. Comes with rubber pad enclosed in a metal buttplate with rear peep sight. In very good condition with overcoat of varnish on wood. #AA423Z 200 - 300
30 Squires Bingham Model 20 Autoloader in 22 L.R. The rifle was sold through Kmart and made in the Philippines. The barrel measures 21" with open sights and scope mount groove. The Stock has cut checkering and carved outline of buck in woods. In very good plus condition. #23-896881 75 - 150
31 Group of (2) Bolt Action Mossberg Firearms: 1) Model 42 (b) 22c. The barrel measures 23" with both open and Mossberg Micro Click peep sight. The full length stock has sling swivels and a metal buttplate with flip door magazine reservoir. Overall very good condition. NSN. 2) Model 183D 410 3". The barrel measures 24" with Mossberg screw on choke in 410M. The magazine is fixed and loads at the receiver. The barrel has some surface rust. The wood is in very good condition. NSN 150 - 250
32 Group of (2) Mossberg Autoloading 22c. rifles: 1) Model 152-K. The barrel measures 18-1/4" with open sights and detachable clip. The stock is walnut with flip down forend support. Bluing is worn, the stock is very good. NSN. 2) Model 151M-B with Weaver Cub scope. The model loads from the butt with a tube magazine. The barrel measures 20" with open sights. Good to very good overall condition. NSN 100 - 200
33 Group of (2) 22c. rifles: 1) Henry Repeating Arms Pump rifle. The barrel measures 18-1/2" with full length tube magazine and open sights. The straight stock ends in a solid buttplate and grooved forearm. Overall very good plus condition. #02818P 2) Marlin M80G Bolt Action Rifle. The barrel measures 22" with Williams peep sight and removable clip. The plain straight stock ends in a solid buttplate. In very good overall condition. #NSN 100 - 200
34 Group of (2) Mossberg Bolt Action 22c. rifles. 1) Model 240c with Tasco Bantam 1.5-4.5 scope. In very good condition #373582. 2) M46M with full length stock and tube magazine. The receiver is tapped for a peep sight. The wood has some figure and cheek piece. NSN 750 - 150
35 Group of (2) Autoloading 22c. rifles. 1) Ranger M101.16 with Tasco 4x15 scope. The barrel measures 24" with tube magazine. The plain stock has a pistol grip and no checkering. Some light in use wear. NSN 2) Winchester M77 with Weaver V22 3-6 scope. The bluing shows wear and the stock appears to have been revarnished. #80213 100 - 200
36 Powder horn with scrimmed ships. 9-1/2". 100 - 200
37 "W. Heath, Plymouth", brass library telescope on metal tripod stand, marked. Several dents, not functioning. 33-1/2"h, 55-1/2"l. 100 - 200
38 Large 19th century ship compass set on backlit wood base. Interior paint coating dissolving in fluid. Overall 7"h, 10-3/4"dia. 200 - 400
39 Brass ship clock in two handled mahogany wood case with engraved inscription to interior upper lid. 5-1/2"h, 6"sq. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 250 - 350
40 Pair of wrought iron anchor andirons. 16"h. 100 - 200
41 Benetfink & Co barometer, Cheapside, London, ebonized and carved wood case, dial with hand painted details, engraved plaque below barometer "St. Martin's Harriers Presented by Thos. Wiles MP, 1908". Barometer crystal cracked. 32"h. 150 - 250
42 Duff & Miller rosewood veneered barometer with bird and flower mother of pearl inlay decoration, dial marked "Duff & Miller, Paisley". Wear from use, repair to thermometer casing. 38"h. 200 - 300
43 Plaster phrenology head with remnant of original label. Repair to front of neck, repaint and chips. 11-1/2"h. 200 - 400
44 Group of (2) W.B. Yeats books, to include: "The Secret Rose" with illustrations by J.B. Yeats, first edition, 1897, London: Lawrence & Bullen Limited, includes all seven bookplates by J.B. Yeats, hardcover with gilt decoration, (tears and wear to spine and binding, some creasing, tanning, and foxing), 7-7/8"l, 5-1/2"w; and "Ideas of Good and Evil, first edition, 1903, London: A. H. Bullen, hardcover, (acid burn to front and end pages, minor tanning and creasing), 7-7/8"l, 5-1/2"w. 300 - 500
45 W.B. Yeats, "The Tower", first edition, 1928, New York: The Macmillan Company, hardcover with green and gilt decorated binding. No dust jacket, minor wear to binding, minor tanning. 7-3/4"l, 5-1/4"w. 200 - 400
46 Five volume set of "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo, 1887, Boston: Little Brown & Company, hardcover with gilt letters and design to spine. Minor tanning and tears to edges and some creasing. Each book 7-3/8"l, 5-1/8"w. 200 - 400
47 Portrait of George I (British School, 18th/19th century), oil on canvas, unsigned, frame bears Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts label inscribed "159, City of Philadelphia, Independence Hall", frame also bears Christie's auction sticker, stretcher bears museum accession number and 1954 restoration label. As found, craquelure, relined, canvas partially detached from stretcher, tear upper left, inpaint. Canvas 56-1/4"h, 46-1/2"w. Provenance: gift of Mr. Joseph Harrison to Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1878, deaccessioned mid-20th century. 2,000 - 3,000
48 Large portrait of a Scottish gentleman with sword and shield (19th century), oil on canvas, signed illegibly lower left. Relined, restorations with inpaint, minor losses with flaking along bottom, craquelure, surface scratches. Canvas 50"h, 36"w. 800 - 1,200
49 Portrait of a nobleman (Continental School, 19th century), oil on tin, unsigned. Unframed, scattered losses, tape residue along bottom. Tin 8-1/4"h, 6-1/4"w. 300 - 500
50 Portrait of lady in pink (British School, 18th/19th century), oil on canvas, unsigned, label on stretcher inscribed "Reyre from London". Relined, craquelure, inpaint. Canvas 31-3/4"h, 25"w. 300 - 500
51 Portrait of a young woman (Continental School, 15th/16th century), tempera on panel, unsigned, inscribed "L" and "U" in the upper left and right corners respectively, "1305, UR" inscribed on verso. Unframed, craquelure with flaking and losses. Panel 7-3/4"h, 6"w, 1-1/4"d. 800 - 1,200
52 Miniature watercolor portrait of a lady (Continental School, 18th century), unsigned, inscription on verso identifies the sitter from the Zois family, Kappus von Pichelstein and Aichelburg of Slovenia. Sight 2-1/2"h, 1-3/4"w. 150 - 250
53 Madonna with angel holding crown of thorns (Continental School, 18th/19th century), oil on canvas laid to board, after Francesco Trevisani, unsigned. Heavy inpaint including background, craquelure. Board 34"h, 28"w. 200 - 300
54 Neoclassical scene with Romans in palace (Continental School, 18th/19th century), ink and wash on wove paper, unsigned, French notation on verso. Foxing, tears, losses, and restoration around edges. Sheet 16"h, 22-1/2"w. 300 - 500
55 Group of (2) genre scenes (German School, 19th century), to include: courting couple and two figures at fence, both oil on panel, spuriously signed and inscribed "Em. Spitzer, Munchen" and dated at bottom. Unframed, minor losses around edges, scattered inpaint. Larger panel (courting couple) 13-1/2"h, 10-1/4"w. 600 - 800
56 Folk Art child with dog in forest (19th century), oil on canvas, signed illegibly lower left. Patched repair top center, craquelure, inpaint. Canvas 20-1/4"h, 14-1/4"w. 300 - 500
57 Classical garden scene with figures (19th/20th century), oil on canvas panel, unsigned. Canvas loose with extra canvas wrapped around stretcher, minor abrasions, dirt and grime. Canvas 20-1/4"h, 55-1/2"w. 200 - 300
58 Northwind glazed majolica bracket shelf. Surface loss, chip to top edge. 14-1/4"h, 9-3/4"w, 9-3/4"d. 150 - 250
59 Pair of porcelain urns with hand painted Egyptian motif and griffin handles, mounted as lamps on wood bases. Minor chips to griffins, restorations. 13-3/4"h, porcelain only. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 75 - 125
60 Pair of bronze palm tree form six light candelabras with gilt highlights. Missing one bobeche and palm leaf on trunk, some misshaping to arms, wear and wax residue. Each 23-1/2"h. 400 - 600
61 Rococo style gilt bronze mirror with winged putto crest. Lacking girandole candle arms. Overall 27"h, 13-1/2"w. 150 - 250
62 Pair of large gilt bronze three light sconces with ribbon, tassels, and foliate decoration. One with break at joint support. Each 23"h. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 300
63 Pair of gilt bronze porpoise base lamps. 12-1/2"h. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 150 - 250
64 19th century Renaissance Revival inlaid chair with figural and foliate panels, carved head and twist-turned legs on paw front feet. 41"h. 400 - 600
65 French Empire style center table having a parquetry inlaid top, rosewood veneered skirt with giltwood mounts, set on gilt griffin supports resting on ebonized tripod base with ball feet. Losses and lifting of veneer, carved details, and gilt surface. 30-1/2"h, 34-1/2"dia. 800 - 1,200
66 Napoleon III boulle and rosewood tantalus with foliate bronze mounts, interior with bronze and rosewood tray, gilt decorated glasses, monogrammed on lid, marked "Jensen, rue Favart 18, Paris" on lock. Lock misaligned and difficult to close, wear and minor losses, two footed glasses damaged. 10-1/4"h, 16-1/4"w, 12-1/2"d. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 800 - 1,200
67 George III style carved giltwood mirror with open scrollwork and rose garland. Repairs and losses. 46-1/2"h, 23"w. 100 - 200
68 French Empire chest of drawers with rectangular ebonized top over a concealed top drawer and three long drawers. Some wear and restorations, replaced hardware. 37-3/4"h, 48"w, 24-3/4"d. 300 - 500
69 Group of two pairs of French style gilt bronze lights, to include: pair with two arms and rams heads, 22-1/4"h (overall); and pair with two arms and foliate decoration on four scroll feet, 21-1/2"h (overall), 20th century. 400 - 600
70 FELIX ZIEM (French, 1821-1911), "Canal in Venice", oil on panel, signed lower right, titled on frame plaque. Craquelure, restoration with heat treatment, scattered inpaint. Panel 9"h, 13-3/4"w. Provenance: Marian Miner Cook Estate, Old Lyme, Connecticut. 4,000 - 6,000
71 FRANCESC CASANOVAS GORCHS (Spanish, 1853-1924), olive trees at sunset, oil on panel, signed lower left. Minor craquelure, dirt and grime. Panel 8"h, 12"w. 400 - 600
72 BORIS VASSILOFF (Long Island/Russian, 1901-2000), "St, Tropez", oil on board, signed lower right, titled lower left. Few varnish drips bottom right corner. Board 13-1/2"h, 17-1/2". Provenance: acquired directly from the artist. 200 - 300
73 FIORENZO TOMEA (Italian, 1910-1960), village road, oil on board, unsigned, unfinished landscape to verso. As found, board warped and split, with losses to edges and corners. Board 9-3/4"h, 11-1/2"w. 300 - 400
74 GENNARO FAVAI (Italian, 1879-1958), ruins, ink and wash on paper, signed lower left. Unframed, hinge mounted to larger sheet, minor toning and foxing. Sheet 12-1/4"h, 15"w. 300 - 500
75 ALEXANDRE LOUIS LELOIR (French, 1843-1884), musician playing lute, watercolor, signed and dated 1880 lower right, with collector's stamp lower right. Minor toning and mat burn. Sheet 10-1/2"h, 7-1/2"w. 500 - 700
76 JOSEF KRIEHUBER (Austrian, 1800-1876), portrait of a young gentleman, watercolor, signed and dated "843" lower left. Toning, staining along right side, minor abrasions lower left corner. Sight 8"h, 6"w. 800 - 1,200
77 FRITZ JACOBOWITZ (German, 20th century), clearing through the trees, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1910 lower left. Minor craquelure, hole top center. Canvas 26"h, 22-1/4"w. 300 - 500
78 ANDRE GISSON (French/American, 1921-2003), still life with flowers, oil on canvas, signed upper left. Canvas 12-1/4"h, 9"w. 400 - 600
79 After MAURICE DE VLAMINCK (French, 1876-1958), still life with flowers, heliograph in colors, pencil signed lower right, illegibly numbered out of 100 lower left. Mat burn and toning. Plate 23-1/2"h, 18"w, sheet 29-3/4"h, 23-3/4"w. 300 - 400
80 Georgian style burlwood veneered secretary, two sunken panel doors opening to shelves over pullout candle slides, set upon a slant front desk with a fitted interior, four long drawers on a bracket base, second half of 20th century. Loss to veneer and molding, scratches, dings and wear from use. 85-3/4"h, 38"w, 21-1/2"d. 400 - 600
81 Small Georgian wing chair with carved shell decorated front legs, in green corduroy upholstery. Tear to upholstery on one side. 42-1/2"h, 30"w, 31"d. 200 - 400
82 English mahogany kettle stand with dish top on later triple column base and carved legs. Repairs, top needs tightening, top and bottom unassociated. 18-1/2"h, 9-3/4"dia. 100 - 200
83 English mahogany brass banded lap desk with side drawer, gilt decorated tooled green leather writing surface, interior compartments with inkwell, on later wood stand. Lacking key to locked interior compartment, sun bleached, wear, and splits. 7-1/4"h, 12"w. 11"d (excluding stand). 200 - 300
84 Group of (3) Windsors: Early 19th century English armchair, age cracks to seat; along with a near pair mid 20th century armchairs, one stamped "Concord". Wear from use. Tallest 38"h. 200 - 400
85 18th/19th century English tall case clock, Thomas Sutton of Maidstone, painted face decorated with strawberries and flowers, marked. Case with several repairs, lacking weights, seconds hand missing. 84-1/4"h, 20"w, 9"d. 200 - 400
86 Zebra skin rug. Wear, tears, old repairs, taped. 96"l, 73-1/2"w. 200 - 300
87 19th century box with geometric micro mosaic inlay decoration. Loss to inlay and veneer, touchups and small repairs, lacking interior divider. 5"h, 8"w, 4-1/2"d. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 300
88 Pair of English majolica peacock bracket shelves in brown glaze. Loss to one corner detail, some chips and hairlines. Each 9-1/2"h, 8-1/2"w, 4-1/2"d. 100 - 200
89 Pair of brass samovars, mounted as lamps, unmarked. Dents. 18-1/2"h. 150 - 200
90 Group of (9) brass items, to include: large oval fireplace bucket with handle, (dents); pair of shallow oval bowls (as found, dents, repairs and splits); assembled pair of hammered vases, (dent to one), hammered oval tea canister, marked "6, British Made, 29", (small dents); pair of rectangular wall pockets, marked "S-M-C", (repairs to seams); and hanging match box, (misshapen, repairs and small dents). Bucket 15-3/4"h, 13-3/4"w, 11"d. 100 - 200
91 Assembled set of (4) brass candlesticks, to include two similar 18th century pairs. One slightly misshapen, small loss to one bottom rim, shows wear. Both pairs 8-3/4"h. 150 - 250
92 Group of (3) pairs of 19th century brass square bottom candlesticks with push-up mechanisms. Wear from use. Approximately 6-1/2"h each. 100 - 200
93 English mahogany tea caddy with inlay detail and top handle. Veneer lifting and loss. 5-1/4"h, 10-1/2"w, 6-1/4"d. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 300
94 Rosewood box with drawer, brass trimmed corners, monogrammed "EC" to lid, on later wood stand. Some brass trim lifting, surface wear. 7"h, 12"w, 9"d (excluding stand). 150 - 250
95 Small Georgian walnut and oak tavern table with turned splay legs. 25-1/2"h, 28-1/4"w, 19"d. 150 - 250
96 Group of (3) wood boxes, to include: two birds eye maple boxes; and oval tea box with floral inlay decoration. One lid slightly misshapen. Oval box 5"h, 7-1/2"w. 4-1/4"d. 250 - 450
97 Pair Adams style satinwood painted armchairs. Minor wear, one seat needs recaning. 34-1/2"h, 21"w, 20"d. 150 - 250
98 Queen Anne mahogany side table with pull out writing surface. Refinished, some splitting to top. 25-1/2"h, 29-1/2"w, 19-1/4"d. 300 - 400
99 J.D. MARSHALL (British, 19th century), "Bowling", oil on canvas, signed and dated 69 lower left, signed and titled on verso. Craquelure, two small holes upper left, scattered inpaint. Canvas 20"h, 26"w. 400 - 600
100 J.D. MARSHALL (British, 19th century), "A Highland Valley", oil on canvas, signed and titled to verso. Craquelure. Canvas 20"h, 26"w. 400 - 600
101 GERMAINE TRAMIER (20th century), fox hunt, oil on canvas, signed lower left. Surface scratch top center, dirt and grime. Canvas 20"h, 28"w. 300 - 500
102 Black lacquered rectangular box with hand painted hunt scene. Paint shrinkage and varnish yellowing, chips and losses to box. 2"h, 10-3/4"w, 4"d. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 150 - 250
103 Group of (4) fox and dog porcelain stirrup cups, including a hand painted fox, labeled "Tally Ho", and a bulldog with hand painted collar. Bulldog with hairline, crazing and repair to one ear; setter with rim chips. Bulldog 5-1/4"h. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 400
104 Oversized Sevres urn body with Napoleonic scene depicting march into battle, signed H. Desprez. Lacking lid, crazing, chips, glue residue. 21"h, 13-1/2"w. 500 - 700
105 German Scheibe-Alsbach porcelain figure "Madame Recamier", titled on base, marked on bottom. Minor wear to gilding around base. 7-1/4"h, 9-1/4"l, 5"d. 200 - 300
106 Pair of Austrian Royal Vienna two-handled urns with hand painted classical figures in garden, signed "Kaufmann" lower right, mounted as lamps. Hairlines to each lid, minor loss to gilding. Each 16-1/2"h, (urn only). 400 - 600
107 Bohemia Royal Ivory porcelain dinner plate with hand painted figural scene of bathing woman and two perched birds in flowering tree, gilt decorated border, signed and dated "Osztcnyih, 1948." on lower left and marked on bottom. 10-5/8"dia. 100 - 200
108 19th century Meissen porcelain figural group, "The Catch of the Tritons", marked on bottom. Repair to one hand, losses and chips. 12-1/2"h. 500 - 700
109 Group of (2) Meissen porcelain figures from the "Elements" series, to include: "Air", putto with birds, marked on bottom, (minor chips and wear to gilding), 4-7/8"h; "Earth", putto with rake, shovel, and plants, marked on bottom, (minor chips and wear to gilding), 4-7/8"h. 200 - 400
110 Meissen figural group depicting two putti artists at work, marked on bottom. Loss of one wing and restoration to the back of one figure. 6"h. 200 - 300
111 Hand painted porcelain plaque of young lady in hat (Continental School, 19th/20th century), unsigned, incised stamp "324" on verso. Unframed, minor surface abrasions to corners and top center. 8-1/2"h, 5-3/4"w. 800 - 1,200
112 Italian oval porcelain miniature portrait after Raphael's self portrait with Fleur de lis and "Firenze" mark on verso. 3-1/2"h, 2-3/4"w. 200 - 300
113 Group of (4) Chamberland Worcester porcelain pieces, to include: pair of small scallop footed vases with applied flowers and gilt decoration, (repair to one rim, chips, crazing), 6"h; shaped stand with applied flowers and gilt decoration, (chips and losses to flowers, surface loss), 14-1/8"l, 11"w; and inkwell with hand painted landscape with continental village, (repair to one reservoir, hairline to center liner, surface wear), 3-1/4"h, 5-1/2"w, 4-1/2"d. 300 - 500
114 Chinese export porcelain platter with hand painted Hall family coat of arms to center. Some paint and gilt loss. 18-3/8"l, 15-3/4"w. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 300
115 Group of (3) Imari porcelain chargers, to include: pair of plates with shaped rims; and large rose famille charger, (hairline). Charger 15-3/4"dia 150 - 200
116 Pair of large Chinese porcelain vases with figural scenes and powder blue and gilt ground, mounted as lamps, c.1900. One with restored neck, other with repaired chip to rim. Vase only 25"h. 400 - 600
117 Asian blue and white glaze palace size floor vase with painted dragons, unsigned, on wood tripod stand. Crazing, one vertical crack to side of body. Vase only 36-1/4"h. 150 - 250
118 Japanese Shibiyama cabinet with ornate relief dragon carvings, gilding and figural scenes with mother of pearl inlay, late 19th or early 20th century. Some loss of inlay. 78-1/2"h, 49-1/4"w, 17-3/4"d. 800 - 1,200
119 Chinese rosewood corner chair with mother of pearl inlay. 34"h. 150 - 200
120 Asian bronze vase, c. 1900, with relief flowers, insects, and foo dogs, signed on bottom. Few minor surface dings. 14-1/2"h. 400 - 600
121 19th century Japanned lacquered sewing table with hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior above a basket on pierced supports and paw feet. Cracking and touch up to lacquer, minor loss to wood. 27-1/2"h, 24-1/2"w, 16-3/4"d. 150 - 250
122 19th century Anglo-Indian carved and inlaid chair with figural panel back splat. Age cracks, lifting, and minor losses, some repairs. 44-1/4"h. 200 - 300
123 19th century Anglo-Indian carved wood stand with octagonal pierced top and four carved columns attached to base with four elephant feet. Minor losses and splitting. 28-1/2"h, 12-1/4"w. 200 - 300
124 Enameled 22k gold parrot form flask with diamond accent eyes and studded collar, 20th century North Indian. In as found condition with enamel loss, bends, break in branch and missing lotus flower stopper. Approximately 219dwt. 4-3/4"h, 6-1/2"l, 6-3/4"w. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 4,000 - 6,000
125 Egg fossil as turtle mounted with silver head, feet and tail, mounted to marble base, unmarked. 2-1/8"h, 3-5/8"l, 2-1/2"w. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 300
126 GEORGE O. WILD (20th century), carved hard stone toucan mounted on mineral stone, signed "GW" and "7927" on bottom of tail. 5-3/4"h. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 300 - 500
127 GEORGE O. WILD (American, 20th century), carved hard stone white parakeet with silver feet perched on marble base, signed with "GW" monogram and "2587" on tail. 5-1/8"h (excluding base). Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 300 - 500
128 GEORGE O. WILD (American, 20th century), three carved hard stone animals, to include: crow with silver feet perched on branch, marked "6270" (repair to one wing and minor chips to tail); tigers eye turkey with pink stone eyes and silver feet, marked "10243"; and seated wolf, marked "1505", (chip to one ear and fissure); all signed with "GW" monogram on bottom. Crow 4-5/8"h. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 400
129 GEORGE O. WILD (American, 20th century), carved petrified wood lion, signed with "GW" monogram and "2595". 3"h, 7-1/4"l. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 400
130 Group of (2) carved hard stone birds, to include: gray and white ostrich with diamond eyes, silver legs and feet mounted on wood base, 6-1/2"h; and tiger eye owl with silver legs and feet perched on rock, (loss to tail), 6"h; Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 250 - 350
131 Group of (2) carved hard stone birds, to include: duck with diamond eyes, tiger eye tail and 14k gold feet set on marble base, (legs reattached with glue); pink bird with silver legs perched on mineral rock. Bird 3"h. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 250 - 350
132 GEORGE O. WILD (American, 20th century), carved hard stone bulldog, signed with "GW" monogram and "2480" on paw. 2-5/8"h, 4-3/4"l. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 300 - 500
133 Carved hard stone dog head with sterling collar, marked "925, Handarbeit". Small chips to bottom edge. 3"h. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 400
134 Group of (6) bulldog items, to include: Serreb glass jar with 800 silver collar, marked "GB 800 07 F" and signed on bottom, (small losses to collar and minor chips); English, sterling silver card holder, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. Ltd., early 20th century, hallmarked and marked, approximate weight 1.18 troy oz, (minor dents to bottom rim); bronze bulldog, unmarked; painted metal matchstick holder and strike, (surface wear); brass magnifying glass with horn handle and carved (resin?) bulldog head, (minor glue residue); and copper bulldog, unmarked. Serreb glass jar 5-1/2"h. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 300
135 Group of (7) carved hardstone animals, to include: two seals mounted on large rock crystal; (3) bulldogs, one with diamond eyes, blue and gray, (loss to one ear) and one lying on rectangular base, (small chip to one foot); wild boar with pink stone eyes (chip to ear); small elephant; seated monkey; along with porcelain bust depicting cat with Austrian sterling silver base, (chip to both ears). Seals 4"h, 8"l, 6"d (including rock crystal). Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 400
136 Hand painted plaster bulldog with red collar. Some paint loss and chips. 6-1/2"h, 8-1/4"l. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 100 - 200
137 Cold painted Austrian bronze bulldog, marked "Geshutzt" on bottom. 3"h, 4-1/2"w. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 300
138 Small cold painted Austrian bronze dog group depicting two standing pugs. Loss to paint. 2-3/8"h. 100 - 200
139 19th century English sterling silver dog holding hat by Charles Rawlings and William Summers, mounted on wood base, hallmarked and marked on tail and inside hat, 19th century. Dog detached from base. 5-1/2"h (excluding base). Approximate weight 5.5 troy oz (excluding base). Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 400
140 Reed & Barton silver-plated figural napkin ring with raised wing eagle , marked on bottom. 5"h. 200 - 400
141 English sterling silver three-piece fruit flatware service for six, by Francis Higgins, London, 1906 & 1911, includes gold washed forks, knives and spoons, in grape vine pattern, total 18 pieces. Knives 8-3/8"l. Total approximate weight 41.6 troy oz. 600 - 800
142 Group of (3) early 18th century English sterling silver pieces, to include: (2) small ladles, monogrammed and marked "HI", 6-3/4"l; and George Wintle shaped stand, (dents to rim), 6-1/2"l, 4-1/8"w. All hallmarked and marked. Total approximate weight 8.3 troy oz. 150 - 200
143 Sterling silver horn handled trophy cup, "Seawickley Pony Show, for the, Best Pony, in the Show, September 22nd 1911, Won by "Donald" driven by Ailsa Mellon", marked on bottom "Dieges & Clust, Sterling." One handle loose. 7"h. Approximate weight 21.2 troy oz. 400 - 600
144 Sterling silver horse plaque from the Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association, marked "HK, Sterling, 11/100", mounted on malachite base. Overall 4-1/2"l, 4"w. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 100 - 200
145 Set of (4) square enameled frames with faux green marbled border, brass backing and stand. Minor loss to enamel. Overall 5"sq., sight 3"sq. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 100 - 200
146 English, London, William Comyns and Sons sterling silver large heart shaped frame comprised of seven sterling round frames, all hallmarked and marked, early 20th century. Total approximate weight 11.6 troy oz. (excluding backing). Overall 13-1/2"h, 12-5/8"w. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 400
147 Faberge silver, pink enamel triangular frame, Anders Nevalainen, hallmarked with 88 standard and makers mark "A.N", includes miniature oval watercolor portrait depicting girl holding roses, unsigned. Minor loss to wood backing corners. 5-7/8"h, 6-1/2"w. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 6,000 - 8,000
148 Faberge silver and blue enamel bell push having a moonstone button with seed pearl border, marked with 88 standard, hallmarked and illegible makers mark. Missing two seed pearls. 1-1/4"h, 2" dia. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 4,000 - 6,000
149 Faberge 14k gold and blue enamel gum pot with moonstone and leaf finial, marked on brush with 56 standard and workmaster Henrik Wigstrom initials. Damage to enamel, small crack, scratch to bottom. 1-3/4"h, 1-3/4"dia. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 2,000 - 3,000
150 Group of (6) small accessories, to include: small blue enamel box with hand painted horse race scene on lid, titled "Racing", unmarked; English, Halcyon Days, pink enamel trinket box with transfer portrait of Mozart to lid and music note decoration to body, marked on bottom, "No. 771"; sterling silver and pink and white enamel bell push, marked "925" on bottom, approximate weight 2.4 troy oz,(minor damage to enamel); 18k gold sewing kit in gold mounted case, (wear and losses to case surface, lid detached); Bernard Rice and Sons Inc. silver plate jar with lid, floral repousse decoration to body, marked on bottom; and round silver plate encased ceramic trinket box with transfer image of "War" to lid, (chips and crazing). Ceramic trinket box, 4-1/2"dia. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 300
151 English, Birmingham sterling silver five piece dresser set, Edward Souter Barnsley & Co, to include: two hair brushes, two clothes brushes, and one hand mirror, all hallmarked and marked, early 20th century. Minor dents and some lifting. Hand mirror 11-1/2"l. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 300
152 Group of (9) desk items, to include: 18k gold and enamel handle letter opener with hardstone blade, (poorly repaired, loss to enamel and blade tip); carved hardstone letter opener with applied gemstones including one diamond, (loss to blade); hand painted porcelain handled letter opener with floral and figural decoration, (minor paint loss); hardstone box with 14k yellow gold hinges and clasp with opal stone, (minor chips to bottom); Tiffany & Co. brass die form clock; Cartier, Paris, brass and red enamel desk clock, (lacking stand, crazing); bok choi form perfume bottle with silver lid, unmarked; hand painted porcelain pill bottle as pickle; and green hardstone lighter, marked "W Germany". Lighter 3-3/4"h, 2-1/4"dia. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 200 - 400
153 Group of (2) accessories, to include: English, Monah Rhodes & Sons Ltd, sterling silver and coral baby rattle, hallmarked and marked, 5"l, approximate weight 1.3 troy oz; and green seashell box with sterling silver lid, marked "925" and "4" on interior lid, 2"h, 3-1/8"w. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 100 - 200
154 18k yellow gold ring with approximately 34ct oval faceted citrine stone, marked on band. Approximate weight 10.0 dwt. Ring size 6.25. 300 - 500
155 14k yellow gold ring with approximately 9.8ct pear shaped aquamarine stone, marked "585 14k" on band. Approximate weight 9.1 dwt. Ring size 8. 300 - 500
156 14k yellow gold necklace with approximately 7.1 ct oval faceted aquamarine stone, marked "14k 585". 15-1/2"l. Approximately 13.4 dwt. 300 - 500
157 14k yellow and white gold pierced diamond bracelet, marked on clasp. Missing one diamond, chip to one diamond. 2-3/4"dia. Approximate weight 10.3 dwt. 350 - 450
158 Silver singing bird automaton music box with hand painted coastal landscape, engraved case with enamel decoration. Does not function, small dent to back, and some enamel loss to lid. 1-5/8"h, 4-3/4"w, 2-1/2"d. Provenance: Phipps Family, Long Island, New York. 1,000 - 2,000
159 Cased scent bottle set with miniatures, each lid depicting architectural monuments, two color glass bottles with gilt metal housing, fitted in small case with mirror. Missing one stopper, hinge pin missing, overall wear from age and use. Each bottle 2-1/2"h. 150 - 250
160 Group of (2) Grand Tour bronze busts, depicting "Zen" and "Urep", mounted on marble columns. One column with loss, small chips to each. Overall 8-7/8"h each. 200 - 400
161 19th century Baroque style rectangular bronze jewelry box with ornate relief detail. Wear to edges. 3"h, 13-3/8"w, 4-1/4"d. 200 - 300
162 AUGUSTE LEDRU (French, 1860-1902), Art Nouveau tray with dragonfly woman relief, Susse Freres Foundry mark on bottom, signed "Ledru" right of figure. 9-3/4"l, 6-1/8"w. 100 - 200
163 Art Deco metal figural table top lamp depicting woman with outstretched arms. Lacking globe, some loss to gilding. 8-3/4"h, 11-1/2"w (excluding base). 300 - 500
164 Lalique frosted crystal vase in "Bacchantes" pattern, hand signed on bottom rim. Minor scuffing to base. 9-1/2"h. 1,000 - 2,000
165 Vandermark green pulled feather art glass vase, marked "Vandermark, DM/SS, 0458, 1980". 12-1/2"h. 100 - 150
166 CHARLES LOTTON (American, b. 1935), two art glass paperweights, to include: small "Multi Flora" signed, dated and numbered "1976, #58/100", 1-3/4"h, 2-5/8"dia; and large blue foliate paperweight, signed, dated and numbered, "1974, #112", 4"h, 5-1/8"dia. 200 - 400
167 Group of (5) 20th century American art glass items, to include: JOHN LEWIS, paperweight vase with moonscape in matte finish, signed and dated "'75" on bottom; JOSH SIMPSON, small floral paperweight, signed, dated and numbered "1978, 71358"; ORIENT & FLUME, "Vine of Hearts" paperweight, signed, numbered and dated "472, 1975" on bottom; LEON APPLEBAUM, (2) scent bottles, both signed and dated on bottom. Largest scent bottle 5"h. 200 - 300
168 ANGELO MANGIAROTTI (Italian, 1921-2012), shaped clear glass vase. Chips to top and bottom edges. 8-1/4"h. 800 - 1,200
169 ANGELO MANGIAROTTI (Italian, 1921-2012), group of (2) marble vessels, to include: gray footed bowl, (repaired and chips), 7"h, 5-3/4"dia; and cream footed vase, (chips to top and bottom rim), 6-5/8"h, 6"dia. 600 - 800
170 PABLO PICASSO (Spanish, 1881-1973), "Le Cocu Magnifique", portfolio of (12) etchings with aquatint, numbered 113 out of the total edition of 200, loose as issued along with text, pencil signed by Picasso and Crommelynck on the justification page, printed and published by Crommelynck, Paris, 1968. In original vellum wrapper with red portfolio box by Jean Duval. Minor handling marks and buckling to pages, minor wear to portfolio cover. Plates 8-3/4"h, 12-3/4"w, folded sheets 11"h, 15"w. 3,500 - 5,500
171 BYRON GEORGE BROWNE (American, 1907-1961), "Muse", oil on masonite, signed lower left, titled on label to verso along with "Provincetown Cape Cod 1961". Craquelure, minor losses. Board 18"h, 14"w. 800 - 1,200
172 BYRON GEORGE BROWNE (American, 1907-1961), "Sketch Class at Artist's Equity", watercolor and ink on paper, signed, titled, and dated "Jan 28 1959" lower right. Minor toning. Sight 18-1/2"h, 24-1/2"w. 300 - 500
173 NATHANIEL KAZ (American, 1917-2010), Johnny Appleseed, bronze on a black stone base, signed, dated 45, and numbered 8/10. 9-1/2"h excluding base. 300 - 500
174 Mother and child in doorway (20th century), bronze on stone base, signed illegibly on back of door. 17"h including base. 200 - 300
175 STAN SOBOSSEK (American, 20th century), "Gypsy", oil on canvas, signed lower right, signed and titled to verso. Minor water damage along bottom. Canvas 43"h, 34"w. 200 - 300
176 ALLEN ULLMAN (American, b.1901), still life with laboratory equipment, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1952 bottom center. Craquelure, dirt and grime. Canvas 16"h, 30"w. 200 - 300
177 GONZALO (GERARD) SEBASTIAN (Spanish, 1930-1996), still life with fruit and lobster, oil on canvas, signed lower right. Craquelure. Canvas 16"h, 20"w. 200 - 300
178 GONZALO (GERARD) SEBASTIAN (Spanish, 1930-1996), abstract in red and pink, mixed media on masonite, signed lower right. Board 24"h, 31-3/4"w. 200 - 300
179 GONZALO (GERARD) SEBASTIAN (Spanish, 1930-1996), abstract in orange and red, oil on masonite, signed lower right. Board 24"sq. 200 - 300
180 JACQUES RICHARD CHERY (Haitian, b.1929), card game, oil on board, signed lower left. Craquelure, minor surface abrasions lower left. Board 13-1/2"h, 20"w. 200 - 300
181 JACQUES RICHARD CHERY (Haitian, b.1929), the river, oil on board, signed lower left. Craquelure, light dirt and grime. Board 13-1/2"h, 20"w. 200 - 300
182 TONY CAPELLAN (Dominican, b.1955), figural mosaic, large oil on canvas in two parts, signed lower right. Overall 66"h, 47-3/4"w, middle panel 26"h, 12"w. 400 - 600
183 After PIET MONDRIAN (Dutch, 1872-1944), "Broadway Boogie Woogie", serigraph, unsigned, pencil numbered 284/300 lower left, published by Galerie Denise Rene, Paris, 1957, with blindstamp lower right. Uneven toning, foxing in margins, waving, small tear lower left edge. Image 13-3/4"sq, sheet 25-3/4"h, 19-1/2"w. 600 - 800
184 VICTOR VASARELY (French/Hungarian, 1906-1997), untitled in blue, black, and white, serigraph, pencil signed and numbered 238/250 at bottom. Sight 19"h, 17-1/4"w. 250 - 450
185 K.E.M. Weber Biltmore Hotel armchair with high back. Reupholstered. 37"h, 24-1/2"w, 26"d. 2,000 - 3,000
186 Shaped Mid-Century beveled mirror with blue accents. 47-3/8"h, 39-1/2"w. 200 - 400
187 Set of (5) Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller dining chairs (DCM), ebonized molded plywood and chromed steel. Surface wear, minor losses to edges, some corrosion to legs. 29-1/4"h. 400 - 600
188 George Nelson for Herman Miller round dining table, with white laminate top and black rim on five leg metal pedestal base, with label. Some wear. 28-3/4"h, 45-3/4"dia. 150 - 250
189 Modern single panel curved glass fire screen, labeled "Tempered by Curvet (PS)". 21-3/4"h, 38-1/4"w. 75 - 150
190 Modern Bar with painted black with red vinyl top and trim, along with two later chrome stools. Wear and stains to bar upholstery. 40-1/4"h, 51"w, 16"d. 200 - 300
191 ANTHONY GOICOLEA (American/Cuban, b.1971), "Night Swimming", chromogenic print (c-print), unsigned. Mounted on aluminum frame with laminate coating. Minor dent edge of frame, few minor scratches in laminate. 11-3/4"h, 142-1/2"w. 1,500 - 2,000
192 CHRISTOPH DRAEGER (Swiss, b.1965), "Hurricane Katrina, 2007", digital silk screen (ultra-violet print) on jigsaw puzzle, Magnus Muller gallery label on verso. 65"h, 42.5"w. 800 - 1,200
193 Abstract stone sculpture (20th century), unsigned, on wood base. Minor surface abrasions. 12-1/4"h excluding base. 150 - 250
194 NOVELLO FINOTTI (Italian, b.1939), "Cin Cin Con i Fichi", bronze, signed and numbered 62/100 on side of base. Damage and repairs, top bent. 16-3/4"h. Provenance: acquired from a friend of the artist. 200 - 400
195 IMMI STORRS (American, b.1945), horned sheep, bronze, signed and numbered 9/10. 7-1/4"h excluding base. 800 - 1,200
196 STRAUSS (20th century), three figures, kinetic balancing sculpture, metal, signed and dated '76. 28"h. 200 - 300
197 DAVID PASCAL (American, 1918-2003), "Caveat/Emptor", mixed media with collage on heavy paper, signed lower right. Unframed, minor surface soiling, pin holes and minor tears to edges, horizontal crease center. Sheet 50"h, 44"w. 150 - 250
198 ENRICO COLOMBOTTO ROSSO (Italian, 1925-2013), cat, ink on paper, signed upper right and on verso. Toning, buckling, small tear top center edge. Sheet 16-1/2"h, 15"w. 200 - 300
199 Modern abstract ceramic plate with cattle heads (20th century), mounted and framed, signed "Parks" on verso. Plate 11-3/4" dia. 200 - 300
200 After ANDY WARHOL (American, 1928-1987), "Flowers", Leo Castelli Gallery exhibition poster, offset lithograph, unsigned, 1964. Mat burn, adhesive staining in margins. Image 22" sq, sheet 26-1/2"h, 25"w. 300 - 400
201 WILLIAM KIENBUSCH (American, 1914-1980), "Goldenrod", pencil and oil pastel, pencil signed and dated '76 lower right, titled on Kraushaar Galleries label attached to verso. Float mounted, light toning, foxing, and waving. Sheet 11"h, 14"w. 600 - 800
202 STEVEN KLEIN (American, 20th century), "Spring Roses", acrylic on board, signed lower right, signed and titled on frame verso. Board 15-1/4"h, 12-1/4"w. 300 - 500
203 BURTON SILVERMAN (American, b.1928), "Peach Palette", oil on wood palette, signed bottom center. Palette 11-1/2"h, 18"w. 200 - 300
204 DWYER (20th century), still life with eggs, oil on canvas, signed lower right. Canvas 15-3/4"sq. 200 - 300
205 JAMES GUPPY (American, b.1954), round still life with flowers, acrylic on canvas, signed and dated '00 left side. 7"dia. 300 - 500
206 Moorcroft porcelain table top lamp with fruit and leaf decoration on blue ground. Overall 24-1/2"h. 150 - 250
207 Victorian bronze floor lamp with floral glazed ceramic base. Minor chips to base. 58-3/4"h. 150 - 250
208 Arts & Crafts/Secessionist two handled ceramic vase with hand painted geometric decoration. Crazing. 12-1/4"h. 200 - 400
209 Roycroft hammered copper box with shaped foliate design to center, marked on bottom. Small repair to hinge and minor surface wear. 1-1/2"h, 7-1/8"w, 3-3/4"d. 400 - 500
210 Stickley Brothers oak cabinet with double doors and mirror backed top shelf, original 1902-1910 metal label for "Quaint Furniture, Stickley, Bros. Co., Grand Rapids, Mich." Shows wear, some areas with white paint scuffing, back boards rippled. 57-3/4"h, 59-1/2"w, 15-3/4"d. 800 - 1,200
211 Seth Thomas oak wood regulator with brass weight and pendulum. Splits and paint loss. 35"h. 300 - 500
212 Gentlemen in pub (early 20th century), oil on canvas laid to masonite, unsigned. Surface scratch and tear upper left, craquelure, inpaint. Board 23-3/4"h, 27"w. 300 - 500
213 Victorian oak portable chessboard game table, having a divided beveled glass transport cover (with brass pins) to maintain chess piece positioning on the inlaid checkered top, with storage drawer, on a turned column and quatrefoil base with casters. Some wood loss and splitting, stains to top. 33-1/2"h (with cover), 24"sq. 400 - 600
214 Arts and Crafts Mission oak smoking stand with barrel humidor, pipe holders and ashtrays, includes three pipes. Wear from age and use. 33-3/4"h. 200 - 300
215 English Doulton ceramic canteen depicting relief of Englishman holding mug and pipe, sterling silver collar, hallmarked and marked "A & Co. Ltd, Asprey England" and marked on bottom "Doulton, Lambeth, England". 9-1/2"h, 6-1/2"dia. 500 - 700
216 Victorian oak humidor with silverplate repousse mounts, including "Cigars" label to center, hinge marked "Pat'd July 1st, 1890". Wear from age and use. 4-1/4"h, 10"w, 6-1/2"d. 100 - 200
217 Oriental runner. Shortened. 12'5"l, 2'11"w. 100 - 200
218 Large 19th century solid rosewood bookcase with two glazed doors each having twelve beveled glass panes. Some modification to shelf positioning and possibly doors. 84-1/4"h, 61-3/4"w, 21"d. 800 - 1,200
219 MOSES SOYER (American, 1899-1974), portrait of a girl in red shirt, oil on canvas, signed upper right and to verso of frame. Canvas 20"h, 16"w. Provenance: Acquired by present owner directly from the artist. 1,500 - 2,000
220 MOSES SOYER (American, 1899-1974), portrait of a woman with dark hair and blue shirt, oil on canvas, signed upper right. Canvas 16"h, 12"w. Provenance: Acquired by present owner directly from the artist. 700 - 900
221 MOSES SOYER (American, 1899-1974), three nudes, pencil, signed along bottom. Foxing, surface soiling. Sight 17-1/2"h, 22-1/4"w. Provenance: Acquired by present owner directly from the artist. 200 - 300
222 MOSES SOYER (American, 1899-1974), standing nude study with two views, ink and charcoal, signed at bottom. Sight 17-1/2"h, 13-1/2"w. Provenance: Acquired by present owner directly from the artist. 150 - 250
223 TULLY FILMUS (American, 1903-1998), portrait of a man with cane, oil on canvas, signed lower left. Canvas 30"h, 16"w. 600 - 800
224 JEAN CALOGERO (Italian/American, 1922-2001), young clown, oil on canvas, signed lower left. Small hole top center, light dirt and grime. Canvas 28-3/4"h, 21-1/2"w. 200 - 300
225 AMINE SFEIR (Lebanese, 1932-2002), "Depart a l'Ecole" (two boys), oil on board, signed and dated 66 lower right, titled and dated on verso. Minor loss upper right. Board 25"h, 16-1/4"w. 400 - 600
226 AMINE SFEIR (Lebanese, 1932-2002), "Chuchotement" (three children whispering), oil on board, signed upper left, titled and dated 1966 on verso. Craquelure, board lightly warped. Board 25"h, 19-1/4"w. 400 - 600
227 ARNE CHARLES BESSER (American, b. 1935), man in hat, oil on canvas, unsigned. Light surface dirt and grime, foxing. Canvas 26"h, 20"w. 300 - 400
228 ARNE CHARLES BESSER (American, b. 1935), six faces, oil on canvas, signed right side center. Canvas 10"h, 18"w. 300 - 400
229 CLAUDE E. MILLARD (American, 1887-1960), California landscape with figures arriving at party, serigraph on board, signed in image lower right, published by Leo H. Fuller Inc., NY. No glazing, craquelure, minor dents and losses with inpaint. Board 40"h, 24"w. 300 - 400
230 TOM NICHOLAS (American, b.1934), "Castellated Falls", oil on canvas, signed lower right, titled on Rockport Art Association label to verso. Canvas 40"h, 30-1/4"w. 2,000 - 3,000
231 A. HALE JOHNSON (American, 20th/21st century), old car in garage, oil on canvas, signed lower right and on verso. Canvas 14"h, 24"w. 800 - 1,200
232 MAURICE DAY (American, 1892-1983), "Island Fish House", watercolor, signed lower left, titled, signed, and inscribed "Damariscotta, ME" on verso. Mat burn and light toning. Sight 10-1/4"h, 14-1/4"w. 400 - 600
233 MAURICE DAY (American, 1892-1983), "Storm at Pemaquid", watercolor, signed lower left, titled, signed, dated 1947, and inscribed "Damariscotta, ME" on verso. Minor toning. Sight 11"h, 17"w. 250 - 450
234 MAURICE DAY (American, 1892-1983), "The Cove", watercolor, signed lower left, titled, signed, dated 1974, and inscribed "Damariscotta, ME" on verso. Sight 10-3/4"h, 16-1/2"w. 300 - 500
235 JACK COGGINS (American, 1911-2006), harbor, ink on paper, signed lower right. Unframed, small losses and tears around edges, minor foxing and mat burn. Sheet 12"h, 17-3/4"w. 150 - 250
236 ROBERT LIE (American, 1899-1980), masted ship, oil on canvas, signed lower right. Craquelure, small repairs to canvas, scattered inpaint. Canvas 30"h, 40"w. 600 - 800
237 VERNON HOWE BAILEY (American, 1874-1953), London harbor, pencil and ink on paper, signed, dated 1907 and inscribed lower right, laid to larger board with unfinished sketch on verso. Unframed, losses to edges of board, toning, minor surface soiling. Board 26-3/4"h, 21-1/4"w. 200 - 300
238 VERNON HOWE BAILEY (American, 1874-1953), Albrecht Pagenstecher library, watercolor on heavy paper, unsigned. Unframed, toning, few pin holes and surface abrasions in margins. Sheet 23-1/2"h, 19"w. Literature: "Vernon Howe Bailey's America", Paul Belard, Linden Press: New York, 2014, p.134. 200 - 300
239 VERNON HOWE BAILEY (American, 1874-1953), assembling the guns, pencil on heavy paper, unsigned, stamped 1917 on label to verso. Unframed, tears to edges, toning, minor surface soiling. Sheet 29"h, 22-1/2"w. Literature: Harper's Magazine, "Forging America's Weapons of War", November, 1917. 200 - 300
240 BERENICE ABBOTT (American, 1898-1991), "Billboards and Signs, Fulton Street", gelatin silver print, artist's "Federal Art Project 'Changing New York'" stamp to verso, with title, location, negative numbered 181 and dated 10/29/36 in pencil. 10"h, 8"w. Unframed, light wear to edges, processing spots, small foxing spot upper right. Literature: "Berenice Abbott, Changing New York, The Complete WPA Project", Yochelson, The Museum of the City of New York, 1997, (Greenwich Village) plate 2. 800 - 1,200
241 BERENICE ABBOTT (American, 1898-1991), "Wrought Iron Ornament, #112-114 West Eleventh Street", gelatin silver print, artist's "Federal Art Project 'Changing New York'" and "50 Commerce St." studio stamps to verso, with title, location, negative #198, and dated 2/3/37 in ink, paper with typed caption adhered to bottom of verso. 10"h, 8"w. Unframed, light wear to edges, surface scratch top left, light ink smudges top right. Literature: "Berenice Abbott, Changing New York, The Complete WPA Project", Yochelson, The Museum of the City of New York, 1997, (Greenwich Village) plate 20. 600 - 800
242 BERENICE ABBOTT (American, 1898-1991), "Spring and Varick Streets", gelatin silver print, artist's "Federal Art Project 'Changing New York'" and caption stamps to verso, with title, location, negative #16, and dated October 7, 1935 in ink. 10"h, 8"w. Unframed, light wear to edges. Literature: "Berenice Abbott, Changing New York, The Complete WPA Project", Yochelson, The Museum of the City of New York, 1997, (Greenwich Village) plate 4. 800 - 1,200
243 Mammoth plate carbon photograph (19th/20th century), landscape with snowcapped mountains, A.W. Elson & Company, Boston, laid to mat board with printer's blindstamp bottom center. Foxing. Image 23"h, 17"w. 150 - 250
244 American Queen Anne tiger maple and grain painted highboy with a five graduated drawer case set on a later base in matching faux grain, having four drawers, one decorated with carved fan, on cabriole legs. 69-1/2"h, 38-3/4"w, 20-1/2"d. 700 - 900
245 Chippendale mirror with giltwood phoenix, scrollwork, and incised floral decoration. Repairs to phoenix. 37"h, 20"w. 150 - 250
246 American Chippendale six drawer chest having three top drawers over three long drawers on bracket base. Restorations and small losses. 37-1/4"h, 45"w, 20-1/2"d. 400 - 600
247 Federal candlestand having a twelve-sided top with dish-top molding trim, a turned column on tripod base with slipper feet. Repairs. 27"h, 29-1/4"dia. 150 - 200
248 American 18th century Spanish-foot corner chair with rush seat and turned stretcher. 31-1-2"h, 27-3/4"w, 26-3/4"d. 150 - 200
249 Pair of hanging glass cased candle boxes with assembled pair of 18th century brass candlesticks, one marked "NS" and with 19th century inscription "T. Mogensen, Korreborg, 1869". Minor loss to interior wood, wear to edges. Each candle box 22-1/4"h. 12-1/2"w, 7-1/4"d, each candlestick 6-1/2"h. 200 - 300
250 Chippendale style overmantle three part mahogany mirror with gilt urn finial and bellflower decoration. Some chips, surface loss, and splits. 35"h, 60"w. 100 - 200
251 Federal-style inlaid mahogany bow-front sideboard, three long drawers flanked on either side by a short drawer above a cupboard door, on square tapering legs. Stress cracks to sides and doors, losses to inlay and veneer. 41"h, 63-1/4"w, 24-1/4"d. Provenance: Estate of William F-R Foote, Long Island, New York. 200 - 400
252 Egyptian Revival cast iron architectural panel depicting two winged sphinxes facing an urn with star border, marked on back "Wm. H. Jackson Company, 2 W 17 St. New York". 21"h, 30-3/4"w. 100 - 200
253 Pair of Sag Harbor, NY portraits (American, 19th century), oil on canvas, unsigned. Restorations and inpaint to both, gentleman wax relined, lady with canvas partially detached and torn from stretcher and surface scratches. Each canvas 30"h, 25"w. 300 - 500
254 Philadelphia vue d'optique (18th century), hand colored engraving with reverse printed title, windows cut out and backed with hand painted translucent paper, engraving by Balthazar Fredeich Leizelt. Margins trimmed, staining, creasing, laid to mat board along top. Image 10"h, 15-1/2"w. 200 - 400
255 Benjamin Harrison White House China dinner plate with eagle perched on American flag shield to center, scalloped edge with gilt star and foliate decoration, ordered during Theodore Roosevelt administration (1908), stamped "Dulin Martin Co., Washington, Limoges France" to verso. Minor loss to gilding and paint. 9-1/2"dia. 1,500 - 2,500
256 Abraham Lincoln Centennial White House China dinner plate with eagle perched on American flag shield to center and scalloped edge with gilt decoration, signed, "Administration, Abraham Lincoln" to verso. Minor loss to gilding and paint, minor stains. 9-1/2"dia. 800 - 1,200
257 Painted and carved wood eagle holding American shield and flag, unmarked, early 20th century. Wear to edges, some paint loss. 9"h, 25"w. 200 - 300
258 19th century carved wood eagle perched on square base, unsigned. Surface wear. 11-5/8"h, 9-1/8"w. 300 - 500
259 19th century American pine stand with single drawer, on splayed leg. Wear and stains to top. 28-1/2"h, 16-3/4"w, 16-1/2"d. 75 - 150
260 American mahogany slant front desk, 18th/19th century. Restored. 40-1/4"h, 34-1/2"w, 18-1/2"d. 300 - 400
261 Shaker armchair rocker in black stain, 18th/19th century. 40-1/2"h, 24"w. 150 - 250
262 Mahogany pembroke table with drawer, straight square legs ending in casters. 27-1/4"h, 36"w, 18"d(closed). 75 - 150
263 JOSEPH SOLMAN (Russian/American, 1909-2008), seated man on subway, gouache and pencil on newsprint, monogrammed lower right. Light foxing. Sight 15-1/4"h, 10"w. 800 - 1,200
264 FERDINAND A. BUSING (American, 1876-1961), bathers, oil on board, signed and inscribed "For Julie Painted by F.A. Busing, 1949" on verso. Surface abrasion top right. Board 15-1/2"h, 23-1/2"w. 300 - 400
265 TOM TALBOT (American, 1936-2009), "Encore", oil on masonite, signed lower left, titled to verso, bears label from Alexander Gallery, NY. Board 8"h, 10"w. 300 - 400
266 Pointer (20th century), oil on canvas. Canvas 20"h, 19"w. 200 - 400
267 STEVE STORY (American, 1915-1988), "Adirondacks, Tupper Lake Shore", oil on board, signed, titled, and dated 80 lower left and on verso. Board 12"h, 16"w. 200 - 300
268 STEVE STORY (American, 1915-1988), "Adirondacks", oil on masonite, signed, titled and dated 78 lower left and on verso. Board 10-1/2"h, 14-1/4"w. 200 - 300
269 GEORGE HOWELL GAY (American, 1858-1931), "Peaceful Pond", watercolor, signed lower right, bears Marbella Gallery label on verso with title. Minor toning and acid burn. Sheet 12"h, 24"w. 300 - 400
270 THOMAS B. CRAIG (American, 1849-1924), pastoral landscape with cows, signed and dated lower right. As found with heavy craquelure and tears. Canvas 20"h, 36"w. 200 - 400
271 CARL PHILIPP WEBER (German/American, 1849-1922), coastal landscape with village and sheep, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1880 lower left. Relined, craquelure, inpaint, canvas waving. Canvas 22"h, 40-1/4"w. 700 - 900
272 WHITNEY M. HUBBARD (American, Long Island, 1875-1965), artist's father fishing on the Connecticut River, oil on canvas board, unsigned, subject identified on verso. Dirt and grime, varnish yellowed. Board 16"h, 19-3/4"w. 800 - 1,200
273 WHITNEY M. HUBBARD (American, Long Island, 1875-1965), winter scene, oil on panel, pencil signed lower left. Dirt and grime. Panel 9-1/2"h, 13"w. 400 - 600
274 WHITNEY M. HUBBARD (American, Long Island, 1875-1965), shoreline with bluffs, oil on canvas laid to cardboard, pencil signed lower left. Dirt and grime, minor craquelure. Canvas 7-1/4"h, 10"w. 300 - 500
275 IRIS WHITBY (American, Long Island, 20th century), group of (2) watercolors depicting swans, both signed lower right and on matting. Toning, waving. Sight 9"h, 12"w. 150 - 200
275AMANLY EDWARD MACDONALD (Canadian, 1889-1971), spring trees with figure on path, oil on panel, signed lower right, Christies East labels on verso of frame. Dirt and grime. Panel 8-1/2"h, 10-1/2"w. 600 - 800
276 COLIN WILLEY (British, b.1972), pair of landscapes "A View to the Sea on a Cloudy Day" and "As the Sun Sets", oil on board, monogrammed lower right, titled on verso. Boards 6"h, 8"w. 300 - 400
277 ELISHA KENT KANE WETHERILL (American, 1874-1929), group of (2) etchings, to include: tenements and tenements with trees, unsigned. Unframed, toning, foxing, pin holes to edges. Plates 7"h, 8"w. Provenance: from the estate of the artist by descent. 150 - 200
278 ELISHA KENT KANE WETHERILL (American, 1874-1929), group of (5) studies of orchestra musicians, colored pencil, unsigned. Unframed, toning, some wear and losses around edges. Largest sheet 5-1/2"h, 10"w. Provenance: from the estate of the artist by descent. 150 - 200
279 ELISHA KENT KANE WETHERILL (American, 1874-1929), "Christine", etching, pencil signed and dated 1918 at bottom, titled on verso. Unframed, toning, foxing. Plate 10-1/2"h, 7-1/2"w. Provenance: from the estate of the artist by descent. 150 - 200
280 PETER MORAN (American, 1841-1914), group of (2) landscape watercolors, beach and waterview, unsigned. Unframed, minor toning and creasing to edges of beach scene. Beach scene 4-1/2"h, 12-1/2"w, waterview 5"h, 9-3/4"w. 200 - 300
281 PETER MORAN (American, 1841-1914), group of (6) studies of cows, pencil on paper, some heightened with white, one monogrammed upper right. Unframed, toning, minor losses and wear to corners. Sheets approximately 10"h, 13"w. 300 - 400
282 PETER MORAN (American, 1841-1914), group of (4) landscapes, pencil on paper, some heightened with white, unsigned. Unframed, toning, minor staining, wear to corners. Largest sheet 8-1/2"h, 11"w. 300 - 400
283 Assembled set of (8) fanback Windsor style chairs in black stain to include: four Warren Chair Works side chairs, brand mark to bottoms; two side chairs and two knuckle armchairs by unknown maker, initialed on bottom. Some show wear, one armchair with chew marks, some dowels loose at top. Warren chairs, 38"h; additional side chairs 40-3/4"h; armchairs 45"h, 24-3/4"w, 26-1/2"d. 800 - 1,200
284 Dungan-Tingley Chair Works tiger maple tavern style dining table with breadboard ends on turned "H" stretcher base in black stain, along with two 14" extension leaves. 30-1/4"h, 83-3/4"w, 38"d. 300 - 500
285 Early Wedgewood faux marble transfer footbath. Hairline on bottom. 8-3/4"m, 18"w, 13-1/4"d. 250 - 350
286 Large American country step back cupboard in red stain. 79"h, 60-1/4'w, 17-3/4"d. 600 - 800
287 Group of (6) pewter plates, to include: (2) chargers, one English with London touchmark, (loss to rim, misshapen) and one unmarked, (dents, cracks to rim, misshapen); pair of plates, both illegibly marked on bottom, (surface wear and dents to both); and pair small plates both with London touchmarks, (dents and surface wear). Each Charger 14-7/8"dia. 100 - 200
288 American stoneware group (3), to include: two gallon pitcher with incised "P"; one gallon jug with cobalt tulip decoration; and four gallon crock. As found with hairlines and chips. Crock 16-1/2"h. 100 - 200
289 Portrait of lady seated near urn with roses (American School, 19th century), oil on canvas, unsigned. Craquelure, inpaint. Canvas 36"h, 28"w. 200 - 300
290 Folk portrait of a gentleman holding letter inscribed "A.B., Amsterdam" (19th century), oil on canvas, unsigned. Relined, craquelure, restoration with inpaint. 200 - 300
291 Folk Art portrait of girl holding cat, with purse on arm and ships in background (19th century), oil on canvas, unsigned. Craquelure, canvas waving, inpaint, minor surface abrasions, small hole lower left. Canvas 27"h, 21-1/4"w. 400 - 600
292 Still life with fish (20th century), oil on canvas, signed illegibly lower left, Ernest, Brown, & Phillips label to verso. Minor surface scratches, small tears upper left and right side center, dirt and grime. Canvas 20"h, 30"w. 200 - 300
293 American country tavern table. Top and bottom unassociated. 24-1/2"h, 41"w, 28"d. 200 - 300
294 Set of (6) Hitchcock side chairs with floral stencil decoration and rush seats. One chair seat shows some broken strands. 33-1/2"h. 400 - 600
295 19th century American corner cupboard in two parts, with single glazed twelve pane door over two sunken paneled cabinet doors. Feet added. 82-1/4"h, 43-1/2"w, 24"d. 400 - 600
296 Early American double candle adjustable candlestand with maple dished table on oak tripod base. Repair to base. 36-1/2"h. 150 - 250
297 Two American ladder back chairs with rush seats. 40-1/2"h. 75 - 125
298 19th century blanket box in blue paint. 17"h, 37-1/2"w, 17-1/2"d. 150 - 250
299 Clark's six drawer spool thread cabinet with embossed "O.N.T." pulls. Splits to top, minor losses and stains. 22"h, 24-1/2"w, 19"d. 150 - 250
300 Octagonal forty drawer hardware store cabinet, drawers with stamped design and size numbers, porcelain knobs. Staining to top, lacking revolving base. 18"h, 21"sq. 200 - 300
301 Embossed green torpedo bottle, "J.T. Brown. Chemist, Boston/Double Soda Water". 9"l. 150 - 250
302 Double sided painted wood "Office" sign with directional hand. Surface wear and losses. 5-1/2"h, 60"l. 150 - 250
303 "Rosedale Laundry Service" polychrome wood trade sign, "Laundrying of Every Description, 240-36 141st Ave. Rosedale". Minor splits, wear and losses around edges. 11-1/2"h, 48-1/4"w. 200 - 300
304 Casel Repair Shop painted wood trade sign, "Mechanical & Building, Repairs, In Rear VI. 7-0392". Surface wear. 20-1/4"h, 20-1/2"w. 150 - 250
305 "Ernest Grainger, Nautical Optician, Galverstone & Fort Arthur" trade sign with "Pattern No.3" relief telescope in wood and copper, mid 20th century. Splits, chips to edge, surface loss. 12-3/4"h, 36-1/4"l 200 - 400
306 ROY JAMES HANUSE (Kwakwaka'wakw, 1943-2007), small painted carved wood totem attached to square base, signed. 13-1/8"h (excluding base). 200 - 300
307 18th century carved wood doll of girl with flower earrings and ponytail, base with slots for dress form, remnants of paint. Wear and losses. 11-3/4"h. 400 - 600
308 Carved wood puzzle cane. Tape residue. 37-1/4"h. 200 - 300
309 Kenton cast iron "Overland Circus" toy including horse-drawn carriage, three figures, two white horses and polar bear. Paint loss. Overall 6"h, 14"l. 200 - 300
310 Torpedo wooden toboggan with painted red accent and labeled "Made in Canada, Torpedo". Wear from use. 83"l 100 - 200

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